3 Way Interface for GSM Lift Intercom

The 3 way interface for the Lift Intercom will enable the existing or new installation of the GSM Lift Intercom to be expanded to include a emergency calling station on top and below the lift Car.

The interface can only be connected to Versions 4 and up from early 2015.

The interface board.

The board connects directly to the intercom board and has 2 LAN connectors for connection to the Top and Bottom Mic Speaker Boxes. On the Dual dial version of Lift intercom, the dialling number can be selected with the links on the extender board.

Connection to the Car Speaker, emergency button and Mic are just moved from the main board to the interface board.
Connection to the battery is also moved.

The speaker boxes,

Have a LED power Light, an Emergency button, Microphone and Speaker.
Connection to the main board is via a normal LAN cable. Please Order lengths you need.