GSM Lift Intercom.

GSM Lift and Single Station Intercom.
The GSM intercom is ideal for Emergency Roadside Fixed Point Communications as well in Lifts. Once the call button is pressed the intercom will play a pre recorded message and then also dial and SMS programmed numbers. Once a voice link has been established hands free communications can commence.
If Only an SMS is set then the receiving party will receive an SMS and can then call the GSM Intercom back. In addition to the Call Button there is 1 optional extra input that can be used to send SMS’s to various receiving Cell Phones. The GSM Intercom will automatically report a mains failure and restore.
When there is a mains fail the intercom will run on its own 7 Amp battery for up to 5 days. A built in charger will maintain the internal battery. The GSM Intercom can operate on Contract or Pre Paid SIM Cards.


  • GSM Quad band Module.
  • 10 second voice record and playback for Emergency Button.
  • 12 VDC operation with 7 Amp battery and Main 220 VAC charger.
  • Microphone and Speaker can be placed up to > 5 meters from Main Unit.
  • Exceptional Voice Quality.
  • 2 Second delay on Emergency / Call button to eliminate false calls.
  • Alarm Button SMS can be sent to up to 5 Cell Phones.
  • 1 Input for monitoring additional items.
  • Alarm Button Input is polarity independent.
  • Over the Air programming.
  • GSM Online LED Indication.
  • Mains On and Off Reporting via SMS. Can be disabled for Green Lifts.
  • Sends Prepaid Balance by email or SMS every 5 days if used on Prepaid.
  • Mic and Speaker volume adjusted over the air.
Small speaker for Lifts and Large Speaker for Emergency Systems.
Recording Voice playback on Intercom.
Locate the pins marked as above Erase, Record Etc. Locate LED2 just above Microphone on board.
To Record First place shunt on link marked erase, the LED2 will flash a few times, when it stops the voice
chip is erased. To record place shunt on pins marked REC and speak clearly into the Microphone on the
board, Recording begins as soon as the link is inserted on REC and will stop when link is removed or at the
end of 10 seconds.
NOTE the only way to test the voice is to activate the alarm input.
To lower voice volume press the message volume button, while the recording is playing, each time the the
button is pressed the volume will lower 1 notch. This does not affect the voice volume during a call only the
recording volume.