Mercury V2 Gate / Access Control.

The Mercury V2  2 x 1 Communicator is a 2 Input 1 Output SMS / GPRS communicator specifically designed for Gate or Access drop call operation.

Drop Call Output can also be Latched for Switching on and off of Lights, Pumps Fridges etc. One call On, one call Off with return SMS’s on status.


Features and Specifications.

  •   2 x Digital and 1 x 10 Amp Relay Output.
  •   Input SMS to up to 7 numbers. GPRS can be used for log report.
  •   Drop call Output 1 operation from up to 400 numbers for opening gates.
  •   Auto store of Drop call numbers no web interface or SMS’s needed.
  •   New drop call number feature where users can dial the Mercury and if their number is  not on drop call list the Mercury will answer the call, they can then dial 4 digit password  that will add their number and open the gate to confirm. Password is easily changed by  SMS.
  •   Stores all drop call operations during the day and Emails a list of the number and time  used to up to 4 email addresses. This can be every day or the complete log sent twice  per month. Additional cost applies.
  •   The Inputs can send two messages one for High and one for Low.
  •   The Inputs can be configured normally High or Normally Low.
  •   The Inputs can have a debounce time from 1 Second to 9999 Seconds.
  •   The Inputs can have a retrigger delay of from 1 Second to 9999 Seconds.
  •   Output 1 can be operated by SMS with different messages for on / off and pulse.
  •   Output can be programmed to switch On / Off or Pulse at various times of the day.
  •   Output pulse time length can be set.
  •   All functions can be controlled by SMS as well as the timers.
  •   10 to 16 VDC low current operation.
  •   Automatic Low Battery SMS. Voltages can be set for Battery Low and OK.
  •   Battery Voltage can also be requested by SMS.
  •   Status Of Output can be requested by SMS.
  •   Fully programmable over the air via SMS or from computer via EEPROM programmer.
  •   Free Programming Assistance.
  •   SIZE =  82mm x 55mm x 22mm