Neptune 6×2 Communicator.

The Neptune 6×2 Communicator is a 6 Input 2 Output low cost SMS / GPRS communicator specifically designed For monitoring and control.


The Neptune can be configured to have up to 4 Counter inputs to monitor Electricity, Water, Gas etc. Usage.


Other uses are Pump and Tank controller, Machine, Generator Monitor and Control of Lights.

Connect to Wired alarm to SMS Alarm, Panic and Arm Disarm. Also can be used with Dropped call to arm and disarm alarm.

Features and Specifications.

  •  6 Digital input’s and 2 relay output’s 
  •  4 Inputs can be configured as Counters. 
  •  Counter Value can be requested by SMS. 
  •  Counter inputs Report to via GPRS to website for monitoring.
  •  Logging of Counters and Email reports to up to 4 Email Addresses. 
  •  SMS to up to 7 numbers. . 
  •  Each Input can send two messages one for High and one for Low. 
  •  Inputs can be configured normally High or Normally Low. 
  •  Each input can have a debounce time from 1 second to 9999 seconds. 
  •  Each Input can have a retrigger delay of from 1 Second to 9999 Seconds 
  •  Inputs can be flagged to send to specific numbers. E.G Input 2 to only Cell Number 4. 
  •  Both Output 1 and 2 can be operated by SMS with different messages for on / off and  pulse. 
  •  Each output can be programmed to switch On / Off or Pulse at various times of the day. 
  •  Output pulse time can be set. 
  •  1 amp relays on output 1 and 2. 
  •  All functions can be controlled by SMS as well as the timers. 
  •  10 to 16 VDC low current operation. 
  •  Automatic Low Battery SMS. Voltages can be set  for battery low and OK. 
  •  Fully programmable over the air via SMS or from computer via EEPROM programmer. 
  •  220 VAC Power supply and Battery Backup available for Neptune.