Titan 12 Wireless / Wired GSM Alarm

The TITAN is a 12 zone wireless security system with an additional 12 configurable wired inputs complete with GSM, SMS & GPRS for communications to control rooms and Users.
All SMS / GPRS messages that the TITAN sends are fully programmable.

NOW WITH DUAL SIM Capabilities

  • Six of the wired Inputs can be configured to be analogue inputs and 1 of these is  especially configured for Fuel Tanks.
  • 3 Modes of operation, Away, Sleep and Chime modes. Each can have different zones  active.
  • Up to 24 Key ring remote controls can operate the TITAN each with User Identification.
  • Up to 12 User Id passwords can also operate the Titan 12 by SMS or a Keypad.
  • The TITAN can also operate independently with timers.
  • The 12 Wireless Zones can accommodate up to 24 wireless detectors.
  • Each Wireless Zone and wired input can be configured to either operate with the alarm  arm disarm or to stay permanently active.
  • The TITAN also has 4 outputs for connection to an Armed response Radio transmitter or  they can be operated by SMS to control various devices.
  • 3 relay outputs operate Gas Discharge ( Manual or Automatic ) and Internal and External  sirens.
  • Additional control boards can be connected via the on board RS485 connections.
  • Six of the Wired inputs have failure restore signals that will be sent via SMS/ GPRs should  a detector fail to restore.
  • Dual SIM. The Titan will automatically change networks on network communication  failure or low signal.