Wireless Sentry Keypad for Titan Panel.

Available in White and Black.

The New wireless keypad will operate all functions of the Titan including
  • Armed Away Mode.
  • Sleep / Stay / Night mode.
  • Chime / Monitor Mode.
  • Off Mode.
  • Silent Panic. ( Duress )
  • Siren Panic.
The Keypad operates on 2 AA cell batteries and will have a life of more then 2 years on the batteries.
Radio range from the Keypad to the titan will be 30 to 40 Meters.
A 4 digit code is used to operate the keypad and can be reprogrammed from the keypad.
Modes will be selected as follows. Password set to 4321
  •  4321#1 = Arm
  •  4321#2 = Night
  •  4321#3 = Chime
  •  4321#0 = Off
  •  4321#7 = Silent Panic
  •  4321#9 = Siren Panic
If 1 is added to the code EG 4322#0  then the keypad will switch off the  Titan and also activate the Duress / Silent Panic.
The Keypad can be read into the Titan panel just like a normal Key ring Remote.
The Keypad does not display zones activated as this is a function of the SMS to the Cell Phones.
Insert the batteries and close the back of the keypad.
How to Read Keypad into Titan.
First test keypad by entering the following.
Once a key is pressed the yellow LED will come on and then the Green LED to Indicate that the Keypad is Transmitting.
This is the same as the off yellow key on the key ring.
Now make sure the Link in the Titan is in the Key ring position which is the Lk1 position.
Press and release the Learn button on the Titan and then enter 4321#0 on the keypad.
The Green LED on the keypad will indicate that it is transmitting and the Learn Led on the Titan will Flash fast and then stop.
The keypad is now read into the Titan.
Test it with 4321#1 for away mode then 4321#0 for off mode.
To change the User code on the Keypad. Use Only 4 digit user codes
The Master code is defaulted to 123456.
Press   *   Yellow Led comes on
Press  123456 *  Green LED comes on
Press  0 *  red LED comes on 
Enter New code EG  5678*Yellow Led comes on then Red LED
Press #  #    = #  twice  Keypad will beep 4 times and Yellow LED will come on.
So   *123456*0*5678*##
The user code is now 5678.
To change the Master code Use only a 6 digit Master code.
Press   *   Yellow Led comes on.
Press 123456 *   the Green LED will come on.
Press 9 *    The Red Led will come on.
Enter new master code EG 654321 * The yellow Led will come on.
Press #  #    = #  twice  Keypad will beep 4 times and Yellow LED will come on.
The new master code is 654321.
The Keypad is now ready to use on your Titan Alarm.